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Healthy Rebel Radio

Jul 6, 2017


Today is our first episode of Healthy Rebel Shorts - quick reviews of holistic health principles and how to apply them with Dr. David Duizer ND. 

In today's episode Dr. Duizer reviews potential causes for IBS. His approach is a holistic viewpoint that takes into account internal and external potentials for...

Jun 29, 2017

In today's show we discuss why weight loss can be so difficult while breastfeeding (our conversation applies to those who aren't new moms as well!) and how new moms can potentially reach their goals. 

If you experience insomnia or have recently stopped breastfeeding and still are having difficulty losing the last...

Jun 28, 2017


In today's episode we discuss how to drink coffee to maximize its benefits without risking adrenal burnout. We understand that a caffeine fix can be necessary - here's how to have it safely. 

We also discuss one major contraindication for intermittent fasting. Have you already tried reducing your caloric intake...

May 2, 2017

Today's episode is based on the premise that you can only optimize three of the four activities at once - work, sleep, family or exercise. 7 months into parenting this has never been so evident for us.

We discuss how we manage our type a overachiever personalities through the first months of parenthood. Our takeaways...

Mar 21, 2017

In today's episode we discuss how to be a healthy vegan.

When making the choice to stop eating meat only using "meat substitutes" instead of real foods can be a major problem. Switching to high carbs foods is another major misstep to watch out for. More details in today's show.

We highlight my journey with veganism and...