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Healthy Rebel Radio

Sep 13, 2016

In today's episode we discuss how the sugar industry paid researchers in the 1960s to downplay sugar's role in cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes and label saturated fat as the sole culprit.

This set off years of low-fat products and diets. Today we discuss the impact on weight gain and chronic disease.


Sep 7, 2016

In today's episode we discuss how environmental and industrial chemicals can affect our health. Two new studies are out that show significant harm from two completely different sources.

The FDA has banned certain anti-bacterial soaps because of their hormone altering abilities.

Fracking has been associated with chronic...

Sep 2, 2016

Today we introduced a new segment to the show - Current Obsessions!

In this segment we will be discussing our favorite new products, books, podcasts, or anything that we are currently obsessed with and want to share. These items either make our lives easier or we just love them. Enjoy!

In today's edition of Current...