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Healthy Rebel Radio

Oct 31, 2016

In today’s episode we discuss some of the ways we use coconut oil. We got on to this topic because of recent news that shows one of the fatty acids in coconut oil is effective against colon cancer cells. Listen today to hear some of the ways we use coconut oil.

Are you taking vitamin D? According to Health Canada all Canadians should be and a new study shows the benefits go beyond bone health. Adequate vitamin D levels have been associated with a 50% reduction in cancer risk.

Finally today we talk about the placebo effect. How does our perception of a medicine affect our response? It turns out that even when we know we are taking a placebo pill we can still experience benefits (especially for back pain).

Plus - we discuss how stress makes allergies worse. A new paper shows a correlation between the stress hormone cortisol and increase allergic response. Have you noticed this phenomenon?

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